Real Estate Representation

Practicing real estate law means a lot more than helping a family buy a house.  My real estate practice is centered on the use of real property, which tends to be from more of a commercial or business perspective.  My clients include real estate developers and investors as well as businesses, rather than individuals.  Even […]

Learning the Business

Businesses come to me at various stages of their lives.  Creating a legal entity with the State is just the beginning of the process. Whether it is buying, selling, starting or winding down a business, or just operating day-to-day, there are legal requirements to meet.  I help my clients make sure they are in compliance with […]

Practicing Law

My approach to the practice of law is based on over 25 years of experience in the field.  The role of an attorney in a law firm is very different from the role of in-house counsel.  A law firm attorney must balance the needs of the firm with the needs of the client.  An attorney […]